Web Development in Ukraine? What to Expect?

So you decided to outsource your project. Let us tell you what to expect from web development in Ukraine. We will point out main pros and cons, so you`ll get a whole picture before working with Ukrainian developers.

Today Ukraine is into IT as never before. Ukrainian IT industry is expected to reach $10 billion in value by 2020. With thousands of companies now operating in the country, Ukrainian software services can save you time and budget. But how do you choose, and what is it exactly that makes Ukraine great for outsourcing?

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Pros of web development in Ukraine


If you are self-funding startup, you would be looking for the best talent at the lowest price. According to hackernoon “The average Ukrainian rate of $22–40 per hour is 3 to 4 times lower compared to any software development company in the UK, the USA, etc.”

It`s obvious that comparing to the European countries and US, web development in Ukraine is much cheaper. Of course it depends on the size of the company and location, but the difference is still very apparent. And what is more important, cheaper does not mean worse.

When we are doing something, we want it to be the permanent solution of some particlular task. That is why the quality of the code is good.

Katerina Vasylenko, CEO and founder of 42DM

If your projects are early prototype MVP, website development/design, small static pages, simple apps, then hiring Ukrainian development company will be your best bet.

In case your budget is limited and you are looking for both reliable services and forthcoming cooperation, it`s highly recommended to reach out to small software development companies. With a budget of $7,000 to $15,000 you will be able to get your project off the ground with a quality various flagship companies deliver.

Usually, top rated companies are working with big clients on big projects. And they charge twice more for a simple app or website than small-size companies do. Web development in Ukraine is booming and a lot of small Ukrainian IT companies have very talented and motivated developers who can take on big companies in terms of product quality.

Ukraine has a high-quality preparation of IT specialists, so even beginner programmers usually have a high level of knowledge, and most of them take specialized courses from reputable IT companies worldwide. That is why, as we can see, the chance to find a qualitative ukrainian software services will always be higher in Ukraine.

It is also recommended to check company portfolio to make sure they have relevant experience for your project.

Communication and culture

When it comes to project discussion, every client wants a clear relationship. Although a culture gap can make that a challenge. That`s another advantage of working with Ukrainian developing companies. Ukrainian people are very forthcoming and open-minded.

Ukraine is closer to US in their mentality than it`s to Europe. Everybody is very entrepreneur, everybody is very free-willed

Yuri Warczynski, Chairman & founder of HYS Enterprise

When it comes to work and communication, Ukrainian developers attack a problem, they like problem solving in a very aggressive way. If you run into a coding problem, the Ukrainian developers show the initiative and come up with the best possible solution.

Another great advantage of web development in Ukraine is honesty. Outsourcing expert Dave Hecker says: When you ask an American developer “Do you think you can do this?” The answer is always going to be “Yes”. If there are any risks involved, they would say “This and this would happen”.

It`s going to be the opposite with a Ukrainian developers. “Can you do this?” they would say “No, because the sky could fall, our computers could explode, but if we overcome some risks, we can actually do it.”

“At some point it seems very straightforward and hard-headed, but it`s not. They see it as a very responsible and forthcoming manner. And they dig in to find risks and obstacles, which can be a great thing in software. As a result a quality is really good.” Hecker says.

In one of the interview at Kyiv Outsourcing Forum, Gary Jones, Director of IPS, said “Ukrainians are very proud people, and I think because of this proudness it shows in their workmanship”.

At that point, Ukrainian companies have a great advantage over their direct competitors from other countries. They are hell-bend on problem solving, and do not want to lose face when working with their clients.

They love challenging tasks and dig deep to improve your product.

Cons of web development in Ukraine


For different clients it can be both, advantage or disadvantage. EU or American IT companies can be crazy about contracts, although in Ukraine it`s quite different.

Contracts are based on relations. They are not so formal. If we have a deal, we have a deal with a person, and we have some promises to the person. Due to our legal system, nobody takes care about the contracts

Katerina Vasylenko Ceo and founder of 42DM

Contracts are not panacea for Ukrainian software companies. Katerina mentions that development companies in Ukraine are “more about the relations”. The reasons can be different: from culture gap to various aspects of the project.

Anyhow, the question about contracts is very personal and meticulous. Different companies have different approach and you should be ready for it.

Time difference

Although the time difference with Ukraine is the most convenient and ensures all the request will be answered promptly, there are some exceptions for US based clients.

As you can see the time difference with Chicago and San Francisco is apparent. However, different companies adjust to the working hours of their clients.

Time difference with Ukraine
Source: https://kultprosvet.net

Wrapping Up

For today there are more than 1000 IT companies in Ukraine. IT-market in Ukraine is growing for about 20% a year. It`s a practical solution for clients from the USA, Great Britain, Australia and Canada. The International Association of IAOPs published Top 100 rating of the largest outsourcing companies - The 2018 Global Outsourcing 100. The rating includes 18 companies with offices in Ukraine.

Another important factor in working with Ukrainian outsourcing companies is the fact of speed and quality of the Internet. In terms of Internet speed, Ukraine occupies 20-21 place in the world rating. The cost of such Internet, in comparison with other developed countries is rather small – 4-10$ a month. In addition, most offices have different Internet providers and can easily switch if necessary.

Thus, the Ukrainian software services can be of interest to many Western countries. It is not even necessary to cooperate with the giants of the IT outsourcing market, which makes Ukraine a great option to build healthy and lasting relationships.