Par Champ



Par Champ has all chances to gain your affection by offering high-quality content relating to all aspects of the game, namely, scorecard, tips, and rules. Get insight into all the major tournaments as well as prominent events as well as track the records of each game at any convenient time. Screen reader support enabled.

Product conceptual value

Stay up-to-date about the changes in golf industry. Par Champ is an interactive platform which lays you on with the insight information about all the matches, scores, tips, and recent changes in the rules. No-frills, easy-to-use application has you covered about everything around golf industry.


Entertainment Location tracking

Business model

Community, Portal


HockeySDK, MapKit, Objective-C, Parse SDK, SDWebImage

Project duration

1,5 year

Number of team members


Project implementation methodology


Team responsibility

- Application design
- iOS application development

Achievements, successful cases

We were set to create up-to-date news portal dedicated to the golf industry. Interactive platform enabled company to drive their sales, attract target audience and increase brand awareness. Today, Par Champ is one of the major platforms laying users on with important news around the golf industry.