Building a Healthcare Marketplace IncludingWeb Admin, Web Application & Native Mobile Apps

How TopDevs created an interconnected system of web and mobile apps for couriers, merchants, and delivery companies from the ground.

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January 2023 - In Progress

United Kingdom

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Project Summary

Phoenix is a medical marketplace that allows healthcare organizations to find extra staff directly

Phoenix is a medical marketplace that allows healthcare organizations to find extra staff directly


  • Native iOS Development
  • Native Android Development
  • Backend Development
  • Frontend Development
  • MVP Development
  • UI/UX Design
  • Solution Architecture Implementation
  • Quality Assurance
  • Project Management


  • 1 iOS Developer
  • 1 Android Developer
  • 2 Backend Developers
  • 2 Frontend Developers
  • 2 UX/UI Designers
  • 1 QA Engineer
  • 1 Project Manager

Tech Stack

  • iOS: Swift, UIKit, MVC, FirebaseMessaging, PushNotifications
  • Android: Kotlin, MVVM app architecture, Android Jetpack (Paging, Navigation Component, Dagger Hilt, Room, Datastore, Workmanager), Firebase (Analytics, Crashlytics, FCM), Google Material UI
  • Backend: PHP, Laravel, PostgreSQL, WebSockets
  • Frontend: React.js, React Router

Target Audience

  • Medical Clinic OwnersMedical Clinic Owners
  • Medical Clinic AdministratorsMedical Clinic Administrators
  • Care ProvidersCare Providers
  • NursesNurses
  • CarersCarers


We create engineering solutions with users in mind so when our client came to us with a request to implement a startup idea of a healthcare marketplace, we have allocated not only a client as an internal customer, but the platform users as external customers.

To make a profitable and stable application for our internal client, we needed to take care of the requirements of our presumably external clients who will use the healthcare platform and are looking for a convenient work shifts posting and enrollment.

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The key requirements of our healthcare project were to develop an ecosystem of web and mobile applications that is convenient, intuitive and will effectively connect the care provider with the health worker.

This way, the care provider can quickly find a health worker who will meet all the necessary shift parameters in the shortest possible time. Likewise, health workers will be able to connect directly with healthcare facilities in need for temporary employees.

applications screens
iphone 13 pro with browse screen

Traditionally, this process is handled by recruitment agencies that take huge commissions for finding a perfect candidate for each work shift posting.

The main goal of the startup project is to eliminate such intermediaries and invest potential commission fees into higher wages for health workers.

To make it possible, we have decided to create:

  • an iOS and Android native mobile applications for health worker and care provider;
  • 1 web application for care provider;
  • 1 admin web panel.

Among the technologies involved, we have selected

Among the technologies involved, we have selected React.js for the frontend development part, PHP and Laravel for the backend development and Swift along with Kotlin for the native mobile app development for iOS and Android mobile operating systems.















Our experienced engineering team realized all the challenges of such a comprehensive solution for several user roles at the same time.

All the ecosystem parts should work stable and be interconnected smoothly between each other. So we have implemented the most efficient features set for each user role.The main functionality available to all user roles was the work shift development that indicates the shift date or a range of dates, the exact time period and the type of requested employee (nurse/carer).

Laptops with different screens

Solutions for Nurses/Carers

Solutions for Clinics

Laptops with different screens


The TopDevs development team has delivered an MVP of a healthcare marketplace connecting medical clinics with temporary workforce like nurses and carers.

The developed ecosystem of web and mobile applications allows to differentiate the functionality based on various user roles and eliminate such middlemen as recruitment agencies thus converting their commission fees into higher wages.

Our app development company has faced various challenges when it comes to the integration of all the platform parts into a unified ecosystem

however, we have managed to provide a stably working application ecosystem with an ever growing user base which directly influences our direct client profits.

The developed MVP continues evolving into a fully-functional healthcare marketplace with the full-cycle app development services that our engineering team performs on the project.

Among the most notable results:

  • The ability for medical clinics to effectively search for temporary healthcare workers,
  • The feasible opportunity for nurses and carers to effectively manage their financial and professional life,
  • The stably working startup product with an ever growing user base and profits for our direct client.

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