Performing a Full Cycle of a Unique Blockchain-Powered Platform Development

How TopDevs app developers have built a one-of-a-kind brand trading platform using Blockchain technology that allows celebrities to monetize themselves by attracting investments for exclusive rights to their personal publicity.

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February 2022 - August 2023


App dashboard

Project Summary

HashtEX is an innovative startup ignited by changes in the US legislation and representing an idea of brand rights digitalization and monetization over a Blockchain-distributed network of decentralized tokens. The brand stocks platform helps users to list, sell, and buy digitized personal brand rights with ease.

The brand stocks platform helps users to list, sell, and buy digitized personal brand rights with ease

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Business Value

This technology product is unique on the market as there is no other platform that suggests monetizing itself over a trusted decentralized Blockchain network.

  • Frontend Development
  • Backend Development
  • Database Management
  • Blockchain Development
  • iOS App Development
  • Android App Development
  • DevOps Engineering
  • Quality Assurance
  • Project Management
  • 2 Backend Developers
  • 2 Frontend Developers
  • 2 QA Engineers
  • 2 iOS App Developers
  • 3 Android App Developers
  • 1 Project Manager
  • 1 Delivery Manager
Target Audience
  • Influencers
  • Celebrities
  • Famous People
  • Brand Managers
  • Celebrity Agents
  • Stock Traders
  • Celebrity Fans

Tech Stack


React.js, React Router, Redux Toolkit, Redux Persist, Styled Components, PropTypes, React Hook Form, React Table, Chart.js, Eslint


PHP, Laravel, Firebase Push Notifications, Amazon RDS, Docker, Amazon Quantum Ledger Database (QLDB), Amazon SES, Amazon S3, Amazon FARGATE, Amazon ElastiCache, Twilio, Amazon OpenSearch Service, Amazon Lambda, Stripe SDK, Coinbase


Swift, MVC, UIKit, FirebaseMessaging, PushNotifications, Alamofire, Alamofire-Image, Stripe, PhoneNumberKit, Charts, SwiftLint, GoogleSignIn, FBSDKLoginKit


Kotlin, MVVM app architecture, Android Jetpack (Paging, Navigation Component, Dagger Hilt, Room, Datastore, Workmanager), Firebase (Analytics, Crashlytics, FCM), Google Material UI, Glide, OkHttp + Retrofit, Stripe Android SDK, Google Libphone, Play Services for Google social login, Facebook social login, MPAndroidChart


The main challenge of the current project development was the fact that it is a completely unique system that never existed before on the market.

So our engineering team was an active participant in all discussions concerning business and technical components of the product development planning and implementation.
App preview
App preview

We had to think through and implement the following features with top-quality landmarks:

  • The functioning division of each user role's rights.

  • The smooth connection between all the digital solutions inside the current brand trading ecosystem.

  • Perfectly working blockchain technology for storing user data and transaction records.

  • Superior security compliance and system performance under high load.

Naturally, some things were absolutely new for our development team to introduce and perform. However, we have managed to complete the task with high praise from our clients.

User Roles Development: We have started this platform development cycle by mapping out the major user roles. Among those were.

  • 1. Non-authorized users

    The users who have undergone simple registration and cannot make purchases and sales until they pass identity verification.

  • 2. Authorized users

    The users are allowed to perform actions to buy and sell shares of listers on the trading platform.

  • 3. Listers

    The authorized users are allowed to place their personal rights (shares of their brand) on the stock exchange platform, as well as buy and sell other shares.

  • 4. Administrators

    The users supporting the HashtEX trading platform, are entrusted with security support, as well as technical, financial, accounting, and other support rights.

Major Feature Set Development

Depending on the entrusted user role, our app development team has thought through and implemented the main chain of available functionality. This way, a user can uncover more possibilities by getting through the more steps of the platform that are possible in each particular case.

In general, it looks like this:
Registration development
Two-factor authentication development
Identity verification development
Dashboard management development
Transactions processing development

Common Technology Stack

Our engineering team is always about transparency in processes and continued mastery of the selected tech stack for each particular project.

Therefore, we would like to share and explain internal info about the leveraged technical component of the native mobile app development of a unique stocks trading platform.

Mobile dashboard preview

Technical component for iOS app development:

  • MVC - for building iOS code architecture.
  • UIKit is a framework that helped to build an iOS user interface.
  • FirebaseMessaging/PushNotifications - to send push notifications.
  • Alamofire is a query shell.
  • Charts/MPAndroidChart - for creating and displaying charts.
  • SwiftLint - to maintain code cleanliness and style.
Mobile market preview

Technical component for Android app development:

  • MVVM app architecture -  building Android application architecture.
  • Android Jetpack (Paging, Navigation Component, Dagger Hilt, Room, Datastore, Workmanager) is a library of development tools from Google (paged data loading, application navigation, dependency injection, database, local storage, background tasks).
  • Firebase (Analytics, Crashlytics, FCM) - for analytics and sending push notifications.
  • Google Material UI - for creating an interface for an Android app.
  • Glide - for loading pictures.
  • OkHttp + Retrofit - for sending server requests.
  • MPAndroidChart - for creating charts in an Android app.
Mobile market preview

In general, our app development company has managed to create a digital ecosystem that connects various digital products under a solely new idea - to buy and sell the branding rights of celebrities via a highly secure blockchain network.


The TopDevs development team has helped a client develop a product that is completely new to the technology innovation market.

We have managed to consolidate a bunch of digital products into one smoothly working brand trading ecosystem that allows famous people to monetize their publicity rights via highly secure blockchain-powered solutions.

Overall, our native mobile developers have built an iOS app and an Android mobile application using the most innovative technologies like Swift and Kotlin. TopDev's frontend and backend developers have managed to create a web platform with PHP and React.js framework as the major technologies. Blockchain experts have implemented the Qldb blockchain over the project and delivery managers along with DevOps engineers have connected the project parts all together into a unified ecosystem using AWS and other corresponding technologies.

The brand trading project itself was a challenge, however, our experienced and proactive TopDevs development team has put all the efforts into the best-possible implementation of a client's startup idea.

A Solely Unique Startup Product

The TopDevs development company helped a client develop an idea for a product that never existed on the market before.

A Blockchain-Powered Ecosystem

Our engineering team has unified a set of unique web and mobile products under one highly secure and top-performant blockchain-based platform.

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