How quarantine influenced our work

If you consider quarantine as an “opportunity”, now is the right time to learn how to work with a remote team.

One week has passed since the beginning of the quarantine in the city where the team of our developers is. Before that, we all worked from the office. Such an approach guarantees a high technical level of project execution; TeamLeads provide technical support for all development teams, as well as project managers establish comfortable communication in the office.
When the quarantine began, we tried to transfer the team to remote work as quickly as possible. The first thing that matters in remote work is communication. Everyone should feel like part of one team. Today there are many convenient tools for this. We have chosen Slack and Skype for communication (we plan to use Zoom for calls in which the whole team will be involved). For time tracking and reporting we chose TimeDoctor. We think by the end of quarantine we will describe our experience with this tool. Our project managers always use task managers. Usually, we use Jira for large projects and Trello for internal tasks.

What we have done over the last 2 days:

  • We established communication rules that help us in organizing the work process. For each team they must be individual. Just chat with your employees and you will understand what is important to them.
  • We created work profiles on all the platforms that we were going to use.
  • We solved the question with hardware: some people took laptops from work, others set up a working environment on their home computers.
  • Quarantine is not a reason to stop learning. We also transferred our English lessons in online mode and noticed that class attendance increased.
  • We observed all recommended hygienic precautions.

The first week of remote work in isolation is over. The performance efficiency did not decrease, and the team treated the situation with understanding. Now the business is forced to work with remote employees, but in the future we will be able to evaluate the benefits of working with a remote team.