Freelancer vs Software Development Company: What is your best bet?

Just right after you`ve estimated your budget and set certain goals for your product development, a question can be raised: how do I find a performer. Should I contact a professional website development company? Or go for a freelancer? Although there are a lot of articles and statistics on the web, the question is still viable.

Set your goals for the website

First of all, you should clearly understand the purpose and business goals of your product.

There are two types of clients that usually come to us: they know exactly which website they need (for example, the official website of a company or a small media outlet) or they are just not sure about the product.

You can choose a performer on the basis of this, however, there are other things to consider, so let`s take a look at the pros and cons of each option.

Website development: freelancer

The first thing that comes to mind when looking for a freelancer, is a very limited budget.

Individual performers, because of great competition, do not set the highest rates, so finding an affordable option is usually not difficult.

This is perhaps the only significant advantage for a freelancer.

Say what you like, but website development is a difficult task, not everyone can adequately cope with it. Accordingly, this option has significant disadvantages.

Choosing a freelancer based on the price of his services alone is fundamentally wrong.

Why do you need a website? Well, in order to attract new customers you may say. It is the site itself that is practically the main advertising tool for modern companies. And online advertising on a daily basis can attract hundreds and thousands of new customers. For this to happen, during development it is necessary to take into account a huge number of factors: from structure and functionality to design.

By the way, the design is not only the beauty of the design of your site but also an important tool that affects the behavior of visitors and turning them into customers. Professional designers are well aware of the psychology of behavior of the average visitor and know how to draw his attention to the main elements. They can benefit from knowledge about the target audience and use them to create psychological triggers that directly affect the execution of an order or other target action.

As you already understood, the creation of a site is not just programming and layout, but a whole range of diverse works, each of which has its own tricks. Only professionals know them. It is very, very difficult to identify such a professional among freelancers.

A portfolio usually helps in this, but even if it was provided by a freelancer, website development for large brands with world-famous names is unlikely to be on the list of his works.

Website development: company

By analogy with the previous example, the financial issue can be decisive in the case of contacting a company that provides services for the development and maintenance of sites. To be more precise, many immediately abandon this option, considering it unprofitable.

Should you though? Not really. Simple projects can really cost a little more, but you should understand that they will be done much faster, since in any case several specialists of a narrow profile, who know their job perfectly (programmers, designers, project managers), are involved in the process. That is, some work is carried out by different specialists, which greatly speeds up the process, while the freelancer does everything alone, or, in extreme cases, in a company with another freelancer (for example, a programmer + designer).

As for large projects, such as the creation of a commercial official website of a company, a large news portal, and technically complex projects with unique functionality, freelancers most likely will simply not take up such work. Only the specialists of one of the companies who already have such experience and a number of big names in their portfolio can ensure the proper level of quality. The same thing applies to apps.

And it's time to return to the topic that we mentioned at the very beginning of the article. If you have not decided on the look and concept of the site, only the company can help you with this. Specialists will independently analyze your needs and projects of direct competitors, improve the SEO of the website, and after that, they will develop a draft of the future site.


Given all of the above, it will be easier for you to decide on the choice of a performer.

Despite the fact that freelancers will do the job cheaper, they will not be able to give you any guarantees for the full implementation of the work, delivery on time and quick response at the stages of work.

You can turn to a freelancer for a technically simple site (for example, a simple landing), and it will be better for you to understand how to build sites yourself.

Web development companies can be trusted with a site of any complexity, as the company comprehensively approaches the creation of the site, different specialists are responsible for the quality and timing of the project, and all the necessary project details are fixed in the contract.